Websites & Web Development

By an experienced web developer who provides complete solutions

Are you planning a business website and want an experienced Canadian web developer? Are you looking for a reliable and knowledgeable Canadian web developer who communicates clearly and gets the job done on time and on budget?

Through my Toronto based web design and web development service I work closely with you. First to map out your unique requirements so your site will be tailored to best serve your customers’ needs. And then during development to optimize the layout, look, and structure so your content is effectively presented and visitors find what they’re looking for fast.

Using up to date web development techniques I have the know-how and experience to create a website for you that will effectively deliver your message. Quality, mobile ready, SEO friendly, feature filled sites to help your business grow.

I get the job done on time and on budget, from conceptualization to successful deployment.

I Create Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Compatible Websites

Custom Content Management Systems

When an “off the shelf” solution just won’t do, a Custom CMS is the answer

As good as some of the open source solutions can be there are times when they won’t be the answer to what you are looking for. That’s when a Custom Content Management system tailored to your needs can save a lot of headaches.

Eliminate Setup and Option Overload Headaches

By eliminating the too many options overload that ready made "all in one" open source packages carry a Custom Content Management System gives you only the features you need in an intuative easy to use administrative interface. Spend less time learning how to use a confusing system and more time taking care of business.

If you can Dream It up I can Create It

I create everything from password protected user areas to page specific management areas right on through to complete owner managed websites for all types of businesses.

Open Source Software Solutions

Looking for an Open Source Developer experienced with Joomla, WordPress, osCommerce, and more?

Open Source Software is available in hundreds of solutions to fit almost any website need. Free, enterprise ready, Content Management Systems running on mature open source code have brought down the cost of doing business on the web. An Open Source CMS may be the advantage your business needs to succeed.


Joomla is a powerful all-in-one CMS system capable of handling a wide variety of site types, tasks, and needs. I provide Joomla installation, setup, administration training and custom theme development.


WordPress is the original blog software and and excellent choice for sites that need frequent content updates. I provide WordPress installation, setup, administration training and custom theme development.


osCommerce is a full featured online store able to manage thousands of products, process payments, and more. I provide osCommerce installation, setup, administration training and custom theme development.

Other Open Source Packages

If you have something special in mind there are many other open source packages available that target niche needs. I’ve worked with a number and can recommend a solution that’s right for you.

Website Tune-ups, Updating, and Moderinzing

Is your website performing sluggishly?

 Is your website looking dated and in need of an upgrade?

  Have page hits dropped? Are you losing mobile visitors?

As with everything else in this world things change, including web standards. What was bleeding edge a few short years ago may now be dated causing your website to no longer perform or look as expected. If its time for a website "makeover" I can help.

I will bring your site up to W3C standards for best cross browser compatibility. Scrub your code and stylesheets to remove the excess and redundant. Enhance and optimize your site with features you want and need while eliminating the unnecessary. I believe a smoother running site creates a better web experience for all of us.

I Fix Code graphic

For all your HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, jQuery, or AJAX needs remember ... I Fix Code!

Website Enhancements & Additions

Do you need functionality added to your website?

 Do you need more pages or sections added to your website?

  Do you want a more engaging website with increased interactivity?

Make ’em wanna stay

Many of the most financially successful websites are considered sticky. That means that people tend to go there for longer visits and come back often. They stick to them. Studies show that websites with visitors who stay longer and who come back are more likely to be financially successful sites.

Your content is great, now all you need is something that engages your visitors to make the difference. If you already have an idea in mind then I can create it for you. If you’re not sure I will discuss with you your web business needs and offer solutions. Everything from eye candy, to multi-media and video presentations, interactive additions and more.

Competition for customer attention is fierce

You have a great product, better than those "other guys", but somehow they’re getting the lion’s share of business. It could be a matter of your site lacking attention getting stickiness.Your website is often the first impression future customers will have of who you are and what you do. If you don’t grab them right then the next site probably will. Sometimes its just a matter of which site is more appealing that makes all the difference.