MySQL Database Services & Solutions

MySQL database design, development, and maintenance services.

MySQL is the standard for online databases and an excellent choice for websites that do data gathering, eCommerce, user management, inventory control, and much much more.

I have over ten years experience integrating MySQL databases into websites fulfilling a wide range of client needs. If your site is unique and there is no readily available off the shelf solution I can design and develop a custom database to fit your requirements. If your site uses open source software I do database upgrades, modifications, maintenance, backups and migration for Joomla, Wordpress and osCommerce.

MySQL Database Services

  • Database Design and Development
  • Database Upgrades and Modifications
  • Database Maintenance and Backups
  • Database Migration
  • Database Troubleshooting
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With a MySQL database your website becomes a true web application!

PHP Code Services

PHP developer for open source and custom software solutions

If you own a site with active pages, or one that uses open source packages, then chances are your web server is using PHP. With 81.8% of servers running PHP it is by far the top choice for websites that present dynamic web pages.

Open Source PHP Services

I install, setup, and customize PHP open source packages such as Joomla, WordPress, osCommerce, plus more. I also offer my expertise if you are looking to add functionality or have a custom made PHP solution for your open source software.

Custom PHP Code Services

I create custom PHP code solutions for almost all of your web needs. From single function solutions, to specialized database interaction, to complete conversions of static websites into dynamic content managed websites and much more. If you want it I will build it for you, let’s talk.

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PHP makes your website dynamic!

jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax Code Services

Give your website visitors a better interactive experience.

If you are looking to add a little sizzle to your site then JavaScript, jQuery, or Ajax may be the answer. I offer a range of JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax solutions ready to be tailored to your needs.

JavaScript is a programming language for creating interactive effects and processes. Its used when you want functionality added to your website that can be controlled by visitor actions. Examples would be calculators, clocks, and pop-ups, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

jQuery is a collection of powerful Javascript code blocks used to quickly and cost effectively create galleries, slideshows, light boxes, animation effects, hide and slide effects, re-sizing effects, and lots more! Its just what you need to add a little eye candy to your site.

Ajax has been called JavaScript on steroids and can make a website perform more like an application than just a collection of information. Adding AJAX to your website is an ideal solution for fast real time database interaction. Pages that incorporate AJAX don’t require a page refresh in order to retrieve or change information thereby providing a faster and more satisfying experience for your visitors.

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Your website will do more with a jQuery, JavaScript, or Ajax solution!

HTML and CSS Code Services & Mobile Upgrade Services

Is it time to get your website ready for Web 3.0?

 Do you want to optimize your current HTML and CSS?

  Does your website need to be mobile friendly or cross browser compatible?

HTML and CSS are the fundamental technologies for building web pages. With each passing year Internet usage grows and the code that drives it becomes ever more complex. What worked well a few short years ago may now be out of date. Modern browsers, along with all the new devices coming online almost daily, are designed to take advantage of today’s sophisticated web code. Is your website ready for them?

Website Tune-ups

If your website is more than 5 years old chances are its running with dated code. This can affect how your site looks and responds. Having a code tune-up done to Web 3.0 standards will keep it running smoothly.

Mobile Conversions

Mobile internet usage is a fact of life and successful websites are prepared for it. Don’t lose potential customers because your site isn’t mobile friendly. I offer a number of mobile conversion solutions.

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Expert work creating W3C compliant web code for HTML, XHTML, and CSS

Website Troubleshooting & Code Debugging Services

Sometimes it happens to a site, for no apparent reason things just stop working

In my years as a web developer I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. Its a case of Murphy’s law that if something can go wrong then sooner or later you can bet it will. And when it does it can send web masters scrambling looking for a fix while site owners worry about lost business opportunities.


Most often when sudden problems occur its a sign the hosting provider has updated the server or a third party API has changed. When time is money and you need things fixed quickly I’m available to troubleshoot.

Code Debugging

Debugging is very often needed when a code change or update has been made. Errors may occur because of incompatible 3rd party software, incorrectly formatted code, or incorrect implementation. I have many years of extensive experience tracing down code problems and coming up with solutions.

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When things go wrong with your website remember ... I fix code!