eCommerce Solutions and osCommerce Developer

Online Stores,Shopping Carts, and Online Catalogs

osCommerce installation, setup, and customization

Tens of thousands of online stores run on open source osCommerce. The affordable and reliable ecommerce solution that gives you the power to sell thousands of products online. I offer osCommerce installation, setup, modification, and customization services in both desktop and mobile versions.

Shopping Carts

If you have only a few products you want to sell online but don’t need a full online store then a shopping cart is the solution. I can add a shopping cart to your existing website or create a complete custom shopping cart system tailored to your needs.

Online Catalogs

If you are looking to show the products your business has to offer but don’t want to sell online then an online catalog could be what you need. I offer online catalog solutions so you can show the world what you have to sell.

User Management Systems

Manage online users, members, clients, or visitors

You have a great idea for a sign-up website, or you already have a site with sign-ups but its getting hard to manage them. You want a solid and reliable online user management system that gives you all the administrative capabilities you need.

Joomla User Management Solutions

Built to manage users as well as content, Joomla is a superior open source solution. Running on a foundation of mature, robust code Joomla can be used to manage anything from a few members to complete social networking sites. Used by businesses, government branches, clubs, religious organizations, and many others Joomla is a great choice for online user management.

Custom Online User Management Solutions

You may have special user management needs to can’t be solved with an open source solution. I offer Custom Online User Management Solutions tailored to your needs.

Specialized Content Management

When you need something that’s one of a kind

A Specialized Content Management System can be almost anything you want. From a private members only website, to a web application, to an internal network site and beyond.

Public and Private Websites

You might have great idea for next big web thing, or maybe you want a unique members only site. But you've looked into open source solutions and none of them is quite want you need. You need something that’s one of kind! I can build it for you, let’s talk.

Web Applications

A web application is a site where a visitor can do something online that she would normally use a program on her computer to do. Anything from simple ecard creation to video editing is possible. If you want to provide an online service that needs to respond like an application you need a website application.

Internal LAN Websites

If your business has an internal network it might benefit from an application type of site to manage any range of business needs. Stock and inventory control, shipping management and tracking, employee reports and more are all possible through a browser on your own secure internal network. Each business need is unique as is every solution I offer.

Mailing Lists & HTML Mail

Send out your Newsletter or eBlast in HTML Mail

You have a company newsletter or business eblast to send and you want it to be distinct, branded, and stand out. Well implemented HTML email is a solution that can help increase the response to your message.

Do-It-Yourself HTML Mail Services just don’t cut it for you

You want to send out your fancy newsletter or eblast but find the do-it-yourself services you’ve tried just aren’t capable of creating that special look and formatting you want. You can’t blame them, after all HTML email is a tricky thing and they don’t want to give you options that are too hard to deal with. So when you need to get outside the box then you need to have custom formatting for your HTML emails.

Custom HTML Mail Services

HTML email may look like a web page but the code that creates its is a very limited. And just like the cross browser compatibility problems on the web the same goes for the email program or service you use. The HTML in your newsletter has to work across all programs and services and be able to deal with their quirks. This means your designer and developer must know what’s easy to do, what’s hard to do, and what can’t be done. If you want the best response to your message have it done with a Custom HTML Mail solution.

Website and Domain Management & Maintenance

I take care of Website and Domain Management so you don’t have to

Website Maintenance Services

Your website runs pretty smoothly and you don’t need a full time webmaster but you’d like to have someone take a "peak into the engine room" just to make sure everything is in tip top shape. I can do a website health & maintenance report and head off potential problems.

Domain and Hosting Management Services

It happens, sometimes your webmaster is no longer available and you need someone to take care of your monthly, or even daily, website management needs. Or you just want peace of mind from knowing you have someone who is on call that can quickly deal with emergencies. With domain and hosting management experience since 1998 I’m well versed with using a myriad of hosting control panels and the associated domain maintenance duties. If you need a reliable domain and hosting web manager I’m available on monthly, quarterly, or yearly contracts.